5 common kitchen remodel mistakes

Remodeling any room is difficult, but when it comes to the kitchen you have to do some pretty strategic planning. If you place anything in the wrong location, your kitchen could become cramped and hard to navigate. To help you avoid any issues with your kitchen renovations, here are a few common mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

1. Not enough counter space
While storage is important, overpowering the countertops with cabinets will leave you little room to cook when the project is complete. With this in mind, make sure your kitchen design leaves you with plenty of counter space. If you can, try adding an island to your kitchen to easily insert that extra countertop area you need.

2. Following the trends
Trends are really fun while they last. However, once they’re gone, you’re left with an outdated kitchen. Instead of designing something super trendy, go for timeless. The style will last for years to come, and if you ever move you won’t have to worry about updating the kitchen.

3. Poor outlet placement
Make sure you note where you’ll be putting outlets in the kitchen. You’ll be happy you planned it out when you can easily access a plugin from anywhere in the room. Along with having enough outlets in the space, think about how they will be placed as well. Do you want them to be hidden under the cupboards, or would you rather have them integrated into the backsplash? These are a few things to keep in mind when designing the layout.

4. No efficient storage
When you’re choosing your kitchen cabinets, consider what features will be helpful for storage. Often, people will ignore storage tools, like pullout drawers and lazy Susans because they think they’re unnecessary. However, it’ll be easier to have these things installed during the renovation process rather than later when you realize how useful they’d be. Avoid inefficient storage usage from the beginning and simply work these features into your cabinetry. We love the knife block that is now being offered by our suppliers. But remember...really think how you're going to use the cabinet once you have it installed. Right now, we're working with a client and trying to determine which option would be best for his use. Check out the choices. What would work for you?

5. Overdone kitchen
Remember to coordinate the kitchen design with the overall appearance of the house. Upgrading the kitchen to a point where it looks out of place with the rest of the house is one of the most common mistakes people make. You want the style and design of the kitchen to flow with the rooms surrounding it, so make sure the changes don’t outshine the overall look of your home.

Emily FischelComment