5 features every laundry room needs

The laundry room is often seen as more of a utility space than an attractive room in the house. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. By revamping this area and adding a few new features you can easily have this room looking fantastic. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Custom cabinetry
Design a new layout for your laundry room and have cabinets installed in the space. Adding cupboards to the room will enhance the overall look of the area and will also give you a lot more storage. Instead of setting detergent and other cleaning products on top of the washer and dryer, you can keep them organized inside the cabinets. This also provides the perfect place to house extra linens you may have scattered around the house.

2. Wash tub
Add a wash tub to the corner of the laundry room. This feature can be used in a variety of ways, from hosing down muddy boots to washing pets. Either way, cleaning large items becomes a lot easier when you have a space specifically designated for the task.

3. Sink
Beside the wash tub, install a small sink. You can use this faucet to hand wash delicates that cannot go in the washing machine. This is also useful in case you need to rinse off clothing or clean up spills.

4. Clothes line
While the dryer is a wonderful invention that makes the laundry process a lot faster, not everything can go inside it. That’s why you need a clothes line hanging somewhere in the room. Instead of trying to find random places to drape clothes so they can dry, you’ll have a designated area specifically for air drying laundry.

Of course, if you simply like the fresh linen smell air drying creates, you could pin all of your clothes to the line.

5. Pullout hampers
Nothing is worse than walking into the laundry room and seeing piles of dirty clothes. It makes the space unattractive, and it also makes doing the laundry a more daunting task. Hide the mess used clothing creates by having pullout hampers installed next to the washer and dryer. You can quickly separate your whites and darks, and the hamper will conceal the unsightly mounds of clothes.

If you’ve been feeling like your laundry room could use an upgrade, try adding these features to enhance the space.