It's Spring! Time to awaken your tired bathroom.

Like most of us, the bathroom is one of the first rooms you go into when you wake up, so make it a space that energizes you and prepares you for the day ahead. Here are a few easy ways to perk up your bathroom design:

A fresh coat of paint
Give your bathroom a wake-up call with crisp, bright color, like bright yellow. Combine it with white vanity cabinets, trim and accents to open up the space and make it a little easier to rise and shine.

New towels
If it's been a while since you've last replaced your towels, it may be time to go out and buy some new ones that match (or complement) the rest of the room's design. Recycle those old ones as rags.

Add flowers
You may not typically think of the bathroom as a place for flowers, but a bouquet of fresh-cut blooms really breathes some life into the space and offers a splash of color. If you can, make seasonal fresh flowers part of your weekly grocery shopping. It'll make a world of difference in your home, trust us!

Floating candles
Fill a glass vase with floating candles to give a soft warmth to the room and create an environment in which you can relax. Experiment with the scents that please you the most.

Replace your shower curtain
Try finding a shower curtain with a bold color or pattern to bring some personality into the room. Just make sure it coordinates with the shade on your walls and your towels for a lovely, finished look.

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