Kitchen features that make your life easier

Between cooking meals, grabbing a snack from the refrigerator and just hanging out, the kitchen is probably the busiest room in your home. However, most people don't have as much space in their kitchens as they'd like. Therefore, it's important that you utilize the room you do have. Here are some features to include that can make your everyday activities easier:

Lights underneath your cabinets

Have you ever snuck downstairs for a midnight snack? You don't want to wake everyone up with the brightness when you do. That's where lights underneath your cabinets come in handy. They are also incredibly helpful if you have any task that needs extra brightness, like chopping with a sharp knife or measuring baking ingredients.  Plus … they look great!

Roll-out shelves

Roll-out shelves make storing and using your pots and pans easy, so they're a great feature to add to your custom cabinetry. That way, you won't have to crouch down to find the perfect mixing bowl – just roll out the shelf.

Double ovens

You'd be surprised at how handy having two ovens in your home can be. First of all, it's much easier to cook if you plan on throwing a holiday dinner with the whole family. You could cook the turkey in one and a pie in the other on Thanksgiving. You might want to consider a double oven that has a microwave/convection unit on top and standard oven on the bottom.  

Garbage disposal

A garbage disposal isn't something everyone considers a necessary appliance, but it can really change the cleanliness of your kitchen. With this, you can get rid of food you no longer need but don't have to toss it in the trash and risk it sitting there and producing a bad odor. Plus, garbage disposals keep food scraps out of landfills, which is good for the environment.

Drawer organizers

No one likes a messy drawer, and it's even worse if it's the one where you store your utensils. Drawer organizers are a necessity. Drawer organizers divide your forks, knives and spoons for easy access. Plus, utensils are supposed to be stacked on top of one another, so if you use a divider, you will not only be more organized, but you'll be utilizing your space better as well.

And more ...

A Galley Workstation? Pullout trash cans? Coffee pod organizers? Built-in utensil bins? Built-in knife block? Appliance garage? Wine rack? And more... We've got tons of space-saving ideas. Call us when you're ready to create your super-functional space!