Organizing tips for your children’s room

Face it: Kids are messy. No matter how much you teach them to fold their clothes or put their toys away, their room is bound to get dirty. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to ensure their room doesn’t become a pig pen. Here are some tips for organizing your children’s room:

Label Everything

Scolding your little one about not cleaning up won’t force them to do so if they simply don’t know how to clean. You can help your kid out by labeling things. For example, if he or she can read, put words on storage boxes or baskets, like “building blocks,” “dolls,” etc. That way, he or she knows exactly where something goes – so he or she can’t make any excuses. If your son or daughter can’t read yet, try labeling your storage bins with colors instead.


Your child is constantly growing. That means that the clothes that fit a couple of months ago might not fit anymore. Don’t leave them in drawers taking up space. Instead, store them in boxes, and put them in your basement or attic. Or, you could donate old baby clothes to get them out of the house altogether. Just make sure you provide the adequate space for all these things so you can encourage your child to put them in the right place.

Strive to Motivate

Your child’s room will never be clean if you don’t teach him or her to do it alone. Go through the motions together to show your little one how it’s done. Teach your kid the right way to fold clothes or hang items for closet organization. You could even motivate him or her by creating a chore wheel. Once he or she does a task, add a gold star sticker. Once your little one gets seven stickers in a row, you could reward him or her with some kind of treat.

Show, Don’t Tell

Keep in mind that your child looks to you for guidance. If you come home and drop your jacket on a chair instead of hanging it up, odds are that’s what he or she will start doing. So start with yourself. Make sure that you are practicing neat and tidy habits, and your little one should follow suit. Show your children how you take care of the home, and they will do the same.