Tips for Remodeling a Children’s Bathroom

OK – so you own the house you’re going to be in for the next 20 years. But it’s an older home and the bathrooms are in serious need of remodeling. Let’s start looking at some things you need to consider as you make your choices. 

If you have – or are expecting – children, their bathroom(s) will probably give you apoplexy throughout the years, so design it with ease of care in mind.  

  • Leave plenty of room for storage for toothbrushes, toothpaste, cups, hand soap and sanitizer dispensers, remembering that these all come in such a variety of shapes and sizes that this space needs to be flexible.
  • Also remember that as your kids get older, their “stuff” multiplies – and gets bigger. Girls, especially, have hair dryers and curling irons, skin care and makeup. Vanities with drawers can solve a multitude of storage problems. We also love this easy idea of hanging a shoe organizer to help "stuff" stay neater.
  • Towel rings (for hand towels) by the sink are indispensible and help defray drip marks on the floor from wet, soapy hands.
  • Hooks on doors hold wet towels, robes, fresh clothing ...
  • Strategically-placed waste cans and hampers are essential for keeping a semblance of order in this room. (Of course, your kids have to USE them….)
  • Little ones need stepstools, so try to leave a space for storing them out of the way when they’re not in use.
  • Be sure the fixtures you choose are spot-resistant and the walls are easy to clean: kids make a mess!
  • Speaking of fixtures, consider installing a hand-held shower. It makes washing those little backs and heads so much easier.
  • When tiling around the tub or redoing the bathtub enclosure, try to include as many shelves as possible for shampoo, body wash, washcloths and bath toys.
  • Expecting? Think about where you’ll stash that baby bathtub when it’s not in use.
  • It may go without saying, but be sure the tub and/or shower floor you choose is slip-resistant or you have a non-slip bathmat handy; accidents can happen in a flash.

We admit it – we crave order. What are your good ideas for the kiddie bath?