How much space do you really need in your new kitchen?

Oh, those sleek, minimalist kitchens with just a few cabinets and maybe a shelf or two that we all see on Houzz or BHG are so appealing. But remember -- those are staged photos! Where's the coffee maker? The coffee pods? The cooking utensils? The food processor? The sippy cups?

When you're ready for your new kitchen, go around your current one and make a list of what's there: what you need to have handy at all times and what can safely be tossed or put into storage for infrequent use. 

We cook and freeze chili, spaghetti sauce, stews and soups a few times a year: but those plastic storage containers are kept in a remote location until needed. Sure, we're as guilty as everyone about reusing those Chinese take-out plastics: but any more than two square feet of designated storage for them in your current kitchen is overkill.

When planning your new space, consider your style of doing things, like how and where you will be doing your food preparation, cooking, serving and cleanup. Then try to incorporate space for utensils, spices, etc withing an arm's reach. If you're not installing a Galley Workstation (though we wish you would), where will you keep something as basic as your cutting boards and knives? Your dish soap?

Do you like having everything on your counters? No problem. But if that blender is only used once a month or so, it's just gathering dust. Maybe you should consider an appliance garage for it and similar items.

Are people going to be hanging out in your kitchen or is the space just for cooking? Do you have someplace to sit between tasks? Are you cooking for a family of six or seven? Then you’re going to need a lot more storage than just a couple living in the home might. You might need a double oven or large refrigerator, which can take up a lot of space in the room.

Do you adore those oversized dinner plates? Incorporate extra-deep cabinets for storing them. Same goes for those stemless wine and water glasses: they take up more space. Do you entertain often and need space for serving platters, extra plates and glasses. Use this opportunity to incorporate that wished-for storage into a reality.

We think it goes without saying that we all need a junk drawer: don't forget to plan for it.

There are a gazillion other things that go in your kitchen: don't rush into the first concept that catches your eye. Think, plan, think, plan. Call us to help. And measure twice, cut once, as the dad used to say!